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Florida Auto & Home Insurance

Maintaining your property is a personal responsibility, but that does not mean you cannot plan for the worst-case scenarios that may arise. When you are looking for a home or auto policy that is appropriate for your goals and needs in Florida, an agent can help you find the plan that addresses your concerns.

Minimum Standards

Although the state does not set a minimum standard for your house, it does have minimum requirements for your car. Florida is a no-fault state, so you are required to purchase liability protection and no-fault or personal injury protection on your vehicle.

The state does not set any standards for homeowner's insurance, but you may be required to purchase a policy from your mortgage provider. The standards set by a mortgage lender can vary based on the home purchased and the risks associated with the area.

Additional Protection

Minimum requirements are a place to start looking for coverage, but it is usually a good idea to consider additional protection if you have any concerns that exceed the minimum requirements. For example, you may want additional coverage for expensive jewelry or silverware.

You will need to evaluate your concerns and list your personal requirements before you determine the plan that is best for your goals. Knowing what you want is the first step to obtaining the coverage that you need.

Finding a Plan

Comparing your options can help you narrow down the choices that are best for your particular goals and preferences. You can compare Florida insurance policy options with the help of an independent agent or you can use online tools to quickly evaluate the options that are available.

Look at several options before you select a plan. You will want to read the details of the plan before you purchase it. In some cases, it may help reduce your premium if you bundle a homeowner's policy with your auto insurance, but that is not a requirement if you prefer to work with separate companies.

It is important to purchase insurance that will address your concerns. The best plan can depend on your situation and preferences, but you can use online tools and the assistance of an agent to find a policy that is appropriate for your needs. Contact us at, 866-616-8811 to speak to an agent to learn more.


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