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Oklahoma Auto & Home Insurance

Owning a car or a house can bring up new concerns when it comes to protecting your property. You want a policy that will address your primary concerns, but you may have a strict budget or set limitations on the coverage you can obtain. While it can seem challenging to find a policy that addresses all of your goals, there are options that can help.

Listing Your Requirements

The state of Oklahoma has a minimum standard for auto insurance, but you may not have any requirements when it comes to your homeowner's policy.

Create a list of auto insurance coverage requirements so that you can address your particular concerns. Your list should provide enough coverage to meet the state's minimum standards for injury protection and property damage, but additional coverage may be useful if you are concerned about the replacement of a personal vehicle or other drivers who may not have enough coverage to pay for damages that they caused.

Although the state laws do not set a minimum standard for your home, your mortgage provider may suggest that you purchase a certain type of homeowner's policy. You can follow the guidelines that are set by your lender or you can purchase additional protection and use that standard as a minimum guideline. Sometimes it may even be necessary to carry additional coverage like those for flood or earthquake.

Comparing Quotes

A benefit of working with an agent at Willis Personal Lines Insurance to find a policy is the ability to quickly compare home and auto insurance options and obtain a plan that is appropriate for your goals and concerns.

Compare a variety of options and quotes using online tools or work with an agent directly to find the plan that is best for your car or home. An agent can provide details that may not be available at a glance or can explain any details that you are not sure are appropriate for your goals so that you can make an educated decision about the policy that you are considering.

There are a variety of situations that can arise, and you want to purchase a home and auto policy that is able to address your concerns. Depending on your goals and preferences, you may want to compare a variety of options before you finalize a policy. Contact us at Willis Personal Lines Insurance to talk to an agent and learn more about available coverage.


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